Honda window scrapers


One of those rubber/felt seals that goes on the window of my '86 Accord has deteriorated and crumbled away to dust. I’ve never had to replace one of these-- what the heck do you call them, and any idea where you can find them? And once I find one, any notion of how one would go about putting it in?


Are you talking about the seal on the door (at the bottom of the window) or the channel that goes around the window (front, rear, and top)?

I’m sure you can get either one from a Honda dealer. A service manual would tell you how to remove the old one and install the new one, and make the job much easier than trying to figure it out by yourself.

Try for an inexpensive manual.


Yes, the seal at the bottom of the window attached to the door. Unfortunately, there’s not a Honda dealer in my town, so I’ll probably have to describe it over the phone, which is a recipe for wrong part. I have a bunch of service manuals for the thing, but none of them mention this seal. I’m guessing it’s probably a matter of lubing it up really good and sliding it into the channel, but I’ve seen some cars where weatherstripping is held in by fasteners of some kind, and it looks as if you might need to take off the mirror molding off, and as near as I can tell that will require taking the door panel apart.


The part is called a belt moulding. Normally they just snap on and off but depending on the car they may be screwed or riveted on.


Try Majestic Honda’s web site. They have exploded pictures of the various parts of the car. Maybe you can find what you need in a picture.
I’m not sure of the URL. You should be able to Google Majestic Honda and get connected.