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Window Noise?

Recently replaced the driver and passenger door windows on my 2005 Saturn Vue. They were both smashed by a vandal. Now when driving above 50mph we get a lot of wind noise coming from the passenger side window. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

Is the noise coming from the window or the door frame?

I’ll assume the window is going all the way up when it closes. Make sure the gasket and/or channel is correctly in position all the way around the window. If some of it is missing, torn, or out of position you can get wind noise.

Try pulling the door more tightly closed as you drive and see if that has any effect. If it reduces the noise the door needs adjustment.

Take it back to who ever replaced the windows. It’s called fit and finish. They didn’t do a good job and they should fix it.

Watch the rear channel as the window rolls up. Does the glass fully engage the channel all the way up? As it nearly closes, is the glass parallel with the top seal such that it will go in and seat all the way across the top?

Getting glass into the exact correct spot in its channel at the bottom, and then adjusting the level so that the glass slides up perfectly parallel with the window channels, is tricky, and sometimes requires a little trial and error. I recently had to pull the inner door panel off my daughter’s car to re-adjust her window to get rid of wind noise after I failed to get it right when I repaired the crank mechanism in her door a year ago,

It was not repaired properly. It makes noise, that should be all you need tell whoever did the work. It is then their job to figure out how to fix it, not yours. Your part is noticing and describing the noise.