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Replacing a starter in a 98 vw jetta

The starter in our jetta needs replaced. can anyone give us suggestions on this repair? We are able to do car repairs but have not attempted this before.

Have you gotten a haynes manual yet? Get one, really. While folks here can help with problems, please start by getting a bit familiar with the problem. It is so hard to draw pictures for you on the web site. Starters are generally easy to do(a couple of bolts/ a couple of wires) each model is a visual. Get the book try it and report back. Best of luck.

Ok, will check that out. We have the basic knowledge. Just wondering if we need to prop up the engine and so on.

My older VW starter can be removed w/o loosening the motor mounts. Remove the complete battery cable for safety. Some starters require shims for correct gear engagement but my VW does not.