97 Volkswagen Jetta ignition

A few months ago my jetta began giving me trouble when trying to start. Oftentimes when I turn the key in the ignition there is no attempt from the car to start, however, if I jiggle the key the starter will turn the engine and start normally. Now it’s gotten to a point where I have to push the key firmly in a specific direction to the it to catch. My question is, might there be an alternative fix for this problem other than ripping into my steering column to replace the ignition. I’ve heard it is a costly repair and one that require you to take the car to a dealer to reset the computer or something of the sort. All other position on the ignition work just fine. I was considering putting in a push button starter that would bypass the START position of the ignition but still require that you have the key in and turned to the ON position. Please any advise/information/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.