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Starting problem

1998 VWJetta. 5 speed, 4 cylinder. Will not start (will not even turn over) when it is hot outside. Have replaced clutch safety switch, ignition switch and starter. Does this on intermittent basis . Will start fine in morning but after sitting in sun and getting hot inside it will not even seem to get fire to starter (have not seen any drain on battery while attempting start, watched all lights in dash and outside vehicle and didn’t dim in the least).

Battery connections, starter relay.

If it makes a “click” sound at the starter, the starter is probably the problem.

Sorry, there is no click. There is nothing. So far mechanic cannot find anything.

This should not be too hard to find. Either it gets power or not. Someone with a simple meter should be able to tell if the relay is getting power when the key is turned. You just start down the chain, one thing at a time.

Starter Relay: $23.79 at,carcode,1402209,parttype,3804 if you have this particular engine.