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Basic Maintenance

I got a 2007 Jetta Wolfburg edition, I want to replace the spark plugs myself along with filters. I got basic knowledge from working on my Suburban and was a jet fighter mechanic in the Navy. Question is do I need some kind of specialized traing for this. Any advise would help.

Ummm…No What you are looking to do is quite easy…just remember lefty loosey…Righty Tighty.

Also Take your time with removing the spark plugs. Many times they have been in there a long time. I am sure your plugs are original. SO take it slow and dont just try to loosen them if you feel resistance. The trick is to loosen each plug say a quarter turn and spray some lubricant in the hole…then try to loosen the rest of the way. If you encounter a lot of resistance then loosen a quarter turn and retighten…loosen a half turn and retight (not fully tight)… Basically I want you to work the plug back and forth a lot and use lubricating spray like WD-40 or PB Blaster… Never try to back out a plug when you encounter a lot of resistance…YOU WILL STRIP OUT YOUR CYLINDER HEAD. SO atke it slow…its easy, dont make it difficult by stripping the holes. Thats about it…

Most of the plugs I deal with come out using my fingers after breaking them loose. That is because I ALWAYS apply Anti-Seize compound to my new plugs to prevent the steel plugs from stripping the aluminum threaded spark plug holes. This is about all you need to know for your job

Find a service manual, such as Haynes, to help you with things like torque specs, etc, and make sure you use oil that meets VW specs.

Other than that there’s nothing special about routine maintenance on a Jetta.

If you can maintain jets you can maintain a Jetta.

Thanks a bunch

If you plan to keep this Jetta for a while it’ll be worth it to get a Bentley manual, lots more info than the Chiltons or Haynes. About $82 at Amazon: