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Replaced engine, fuel pump has no power

My friend just replace the engine in my sons 2008 Honda Civic Cpe. He was able to get it to run by introducing fuel by hand but the fuel pump doesn’t have power. The fuel pump worked before. We tried new relays and fuses, still no power to it. We tried the relays under the steering wheel and the ones under the hood. The new engine seems ok. Something isn’t sending power to the relay I believe. Please Help.!

Are all of the grounds reattached firmly?

I will double check…

All other electrical components seem to work fine.

Thank you !

Locate the fuel inertia cut off switch?

Did you replace both PGM/FI relays?


Ok, then what? Replace it.

I did try that…

As well as the fuel pump relay.

There’s two fuel pump main relays.

Relay 1 is located under the hood, and relay 2 is located under the dash.