94 Civic no fuel pressure; fuel pump, main relay O.K

I was at a supermarket close to home a few days ago, when I got in the car to start it, it cranked all right, but there was no fuel pump sound when I turned the key.

I took out the fuel pump, and it runs all right when I hooked it up to the battery, so the fuel pump is all right. Then, I found on the internet that when Hondas have fuel pump problem, it?s usually the main relay (or the ignition relay), so I replaced the relay. But the fuel pump still doesn?t run.

Is there a fuse I have not yet checked? None of the fuses I looked up has anything to do with the fuel pump. Could someone tell me where I should look?

You also need to check the fuel pump relay. This is a separate relay just for the fuel pump. However, I don’t know where they put it on you '94 Civic. Typically, it is under the hood with other relays, but sometimes they are under the dash. Also, a bunch of cars have two fuse blocks, one under the dash and one under the hood. Hopefully, you have a fuse guide to follow. Good Luck.

I just looked up the wiring diagram for the fuel pump circuit for your vehicle. There is no other relay involved in this circuit except for the main fuel pump relay. However there are two fuses that supply power to the main fuel pump relay. These are fuse #18 7.5 amp located in the under dash fuse box, and fuse #31 15 amp located in the under hood fuse box. Check and see if either of these fuses have blown.


Before I posted on Cartalk, I checked every fuse under the dashboard and under the hood, because I didn’t know which fuse, but no fuse was blown. This is really puzzling. Could it be that the main relay I got from the store is bad?