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No Power to fuel pump

My wife’s 1991 Toyota Camery stopped running. I could start the car with starter fluid and would quit as the fluid ran out. I figured the fuel pump was out and replaced it. Still had the same problem. I replaced the EFI relay, still no good. With a test light I found out that there was no power to the electrical connection to the fuel pump, there is power to the sending unit. I am thinking that perhaps the power flows through the Engine Main Relay but cannot verify that with the electrical diagrams I have. On another site someone suggested that there is a switch on the Massive Air that has an effect to the power going to the fuel pump. I am unable to verify this also. I have spent $150.00 so far and am reluctant to spend any more on just replacing parts until I can get better information as these other parts are $80 and up.

There is a fuel pump relay located in the engine compartment. It has probably gone bad. I’m not familiar enough with your model Camry to tell you where it is located. But, look for a relay with the same wire color coding as the power line to the fuel pump. Then, test it or swap it with a relay of similar load capacity as a test.

I cannot find a mention of a fuel pump relay only the EFI relay that I have already replaced.

There may be a shut down relay causing the trouble. It is good you have a test light to check things with. Along with that handy test tool I suggest you add a service manual for the vehicle that has some good wiring diagrams. If you had that before replacing needless parts you would have the car fixed and probably be money ahead.

That shutdown relay, could be a safety system or a anti theft too. OEM or after market. This is were a wiring diagram and a meter are your best friends. It takes time so you pay yourself or a mechanic.

You sure you don’t have a harness problem inside the tank? You get power to the sender inside the tank but not to the pump?

How are you checking for power at the fuel pump connection? With the key in the RUN position there will not be any power unless the engine is being cranked over.

I do not have a schematic available for your car but just about every car on the road uses the ECM to control the fuel pump relay. The ignition module provides a pulse to the ECM and the ECM generally makes and breaks a relay ground based on this pulse. Federal law requires this.

The sending unit is a separate circuit and is not related to the pump circuit at all.

If you want to work on this car, buy a service manual (or check and see if your public library has one), and every time you find yourself without a proper tool, buy one. I like Craftsman tools because Sears is everywhere, the hand tools are guaranteed forever with no problems. You need a simple voltmeter. Take your time, read the manual, and learn. It’s cheaper than a mechanic, and it becomes easier and much quicker than setting up service appointments.

You assumed it didn’t have fuel pressure because the engine would run when starter fluid was sprayed into the intake? Can’t you check for fuel pressure with a fuel pressure test gauge, or by disconnecting a fuel line and watching fuel spray out?
What has to happen after there is fuel pressure? Do the fuel injectors have to operate, or what?
Check for fuel under pressure. Check the fuel injectors with 'noid test lights, available at auto parts stores.
If the problem is too difficult for you to troubleshoot, hire a mechanic to troubleshoot for you.

by any chance do you have kids?

i had this same problem on my ranger once.

the kid was kicking the dashboard and this knocked out the fuel pump safety cut off switch.

although i cant help you specifically this switch may be the problem too.

my mechanic came and with one push reset the switch so my wife could get home.

BTW… the son has been frequently reminded of this for the last 15 years. hopefully he will remember thsi when it happens to him.