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No power to fuel pump

Bought a 1988 accord that was supose to have a bad fuel pump.when the key is in the run position there is no power to the fuel pump.I tested the pump and its fine.All fuses look good and I replaced the fuel cut off relay.I hope its something I am unaware of.The guy I got it from said he first replaced the fuel regulator.There is fuel in the oil pan.I am stumped.

Click on this link: Then, click on Fig. 16. It shows the ECM Main Relay. Power is supplied to this relay by three fuses. The relay is energized by a wires from the ECM. If there is no signal (voltage) to energize the relay from those wires, when the engine is CRANKING, or RUNNING, the F/P won’t run.
Make sure those three fuses have power out. Check all the wires for power or ground. Use a digital multimeter.

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What am I missing here? Where’s the link?

I know you explained it but I’m curious.

Replace the main fuel pump relay, which is under the dashboard. This is a common problem with older Hondas.

The pump in unlikely to be the problem. You need a new fuel pump relay.

aka ECM Main fuel relay.

Replace it, and I’ll bet your car will start and run.

Why is there fuel in the oil pan?

the fuel pump regulator was bad which put too mutch fuel too the injectors.