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Honda 1986 Fuel pump relay

I’m hoping that some of you guys can help me with this problem.
A friend talked me into working on this young kids CRX that he uses for racing. What kind of racing I’m not sure but it looks like demolition derby…by the looks of the car.
They had taken the old fuel pump out (frame mounted) and replaced it with a new pump. But they couldn’t get any power to the pump. THe lack of power was probably what the whole problem was…not the pump.
This thing is pieced together and it looks like they origanally bypassed the “in tank” pump prior to this young guy bying the car from another racer.
He has raced with it for the past three years… so we know that at some point these wires did go to the pump.
I presume that they shorted out the wire while trying to replace that pump.
I have a black wire that is a ground and a black with yellow stripe that should be the power. I presume that they used the “in tank pump power” to power the “on the frame pump”, but the way this thing is pieced together…that might be the back-up lights…just kiddin!!!

Can any of you tell me if there is a fuel pump relay and where to find it. I found one relay just above the fuses but I’m not sure if that is the pump relay.
If it is just a relay it would make my life easier. The doors are welded shut and a drivers seat that you cannot lay on to get your head under the dash.

I’ll learn!!!


It’s called the PGM-FI relay.

It’s usually located above the drivers left knee behind the dash.

Look it up on the net and you’ll see examples if it’s the right relay.


Those mystery wires might have gone to the fuel pump inertial cutoff switch that is supposed to shut the pump off in the event of an accident. They might have removed it for racing.

Honestly, if you’re providing free repair work the kid should be willing to spring for a repair manual. Or, this once, you could ask the dealer parts guy to print you an “exploded view” drawing of where the relay is located.

But I have to tell ya, that line pump they installed suggests that the current wiring will not be what the manual says. You mat need to do some more intensive troubleshooting with a wiring diagram and a wiring schematic to solve this one. There’s been butchering to the system, and that requires getting down & dirty with schematics.

Thanks Tester;

Now I really feel dumb. I should have thought of that!!!
I went to Advanced Auto parts site and it should be easy to spot that relay.

Thank again.

Mountain Bike…you are so right. But this IS NOT FREE WORK.
This thing is so butchered that I found all kinds of live wires under the dash that are just cut off and left to hang and I doubt too that they left the inertial switch intact. Probably for heater, dash lights, dome lights power locks, power windows etc, etc…, and everything else that they eliminated. I think they just followed the wire until it was up under the dash and lopped it off. All the fuses are there???

The kid is not helping me. I only allow a few people to help with their repairs. Many just don’t understand about cars or they just get in your way…or you are just babysitting them.

I was tempted in buying a
Hayes or Chilton manual for this, but I’m not really thrilled in working on these “pieced together” things.
You don’t know what the first racer did and the kid (second racer) seems like the kind that doesn’t remember the details of any changes he has made. So you have no one to rely on for information. All he knows is it is either a 86 or 67, with a 1983 motor.

Thank for the input.