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1994 honda civic-no start

not getting power to the fuel pump. i have checked all components in circuit, npf. does anyone have a suggestion besides the fuse, ignition switch, pgm-fi or ecm?

Fuel pump relay? Can act up especially if it’s hot.,carcode,1168747,parttype,3380

If you have power getting to the pump and it isn’t turning on then the pump circuit is most likely controlled by making a ground connection to the pump through the ECU. Make sure the ignition system is working. If it isn’t the ECU may be shutting the fuel pump circuit down.

thanks cougar, i had ecu repaired through ecm auto. the ignition system (primary and secondary) checks out. i dont have power to fuel pump, but if i ground the fp circuit at the ecu fuel pump gets power and the engine starts and runs great.

It seems to me that the ECU may be bad still since you say the ignition is working and you can manually ground the pump circuit at the ECU pin to turn it on. If you can’t verify the ECU operation by installing it in another car perhaps getting another used one at a salvage yard may get you going.

thanks cougar, i may just try that

What do you mean “I had ecu repaired?” ECUs are basically a computer circuit board in a metal box. There isn’t much to repair on them.

tt the guys at auto ecm in grand prairie, tx.