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Removing Electrical Tape

Hey all! So, I tried to remedy a problem on my car (thunk sound coming from the rear seat). I watched some youtube videos and received some feedback on message forums.

So, I ended up wrapping my hinge (the part that the latch on the seat clicks on to. The noise is still there, so I need to get this tape off to take it in. Yes, I know, I am an idiot. How would I remove this without scratching up the black metal hinge it’s on? I can’t find an edge to peel it as I smoothed it out really well. Razor blade?

Plus, it probably wouldn’t be safe in an accident too. I will just let Kia figure it out.


An exaxto knife or similar to slice the tape should not hurt a thing, proper parts for a proper repair my thought.

After the exacto knife, GooGone will remove the adhesive residue.
Don’t worry about scratches… simply tape and mask the surrounding area and touch them up with a spot of Krylon semigloss black spray paint. If anybody sees the scratches after that treatment, they’re examining your vehicle WAY too closely!

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