Removing tape from where LOGO was

My Toyota logo came off my Solara Camery, thank goodness I found it. I need to know how to safely remove the old double sided tape where the logo was.

a rag with a little gasoline on it would work. Be sure to very thoroughly wash the area afterward, and then rewax it as the gas will strip the wax as well as the tape.

Never use gasoline as a solvent or adhesive remover. A local hardware store will have a product called GOO GONE. This will safely remove the adhesive.


My lawn mower is the same color as my Solara. I put the goo gone on the mower for maybe a minute. When I removed it (goo gone) with a white cloth the cloth had the color of the mower on it. Granted I could not look at the mower and tell the paint was gone however I could look at what was a white cloth and see paint. Goo Gone would have been my first choice. I’m glad I put it on the mower first. I don’t want it on my Solara.

I believe 3M makes an automotive adhesive remover, you might check with a local car parts store. I haven’t used it.

Except when it doesn’t. Goo Gone is not very good at removing all of the sticky residue. Gas is fine to use as long as you don’t leave it on there, and as long as you don’t do something dumb like toss the gas-soaked rag in the dryer.

You might also warn the OP that gasoline is a carcinogen.


Well, yes, but then the OP drives and therefore presumably fills up his car with gas. The fumes you get off of 10 gas pumps and spilled gas at the gas station are an order of magnitude greater than the small exposure you’d get from a few drops of gas on a rag for the 3 minutes it would take to remove a little piece of tape.

As long as we’re talking hazards, the MSDS for Goo Gone lists it as an eye and skin irritant, and a harmful/fatal aspiration hazard. I figure if you’re not going to list all possible health hazards of your chosen chemical, I don’t have to either :wink:

Thank you. This sounds like a safe bet. I appreciate all the advice.

You can also use a hair dryer to heat the adhesive, which will then easily come off with a plastic putty spreader.

While I agree that the GooGone is safer (I too use it), I’ve spilled gasoline on my car enough to realize that it won’t hurt the paint unles it’s repeatedly psilled there and left on, in shich case it leaves a “ghost”.

Paint formulations have changed greatly since the '60’s and '70’s, but I remember when gas station attendents filled the tanks (and gave us free drinking glasses) and often spilled gas all over the sides of the car. It was common back then.

Roll By Any Reputable Auto Body Shop. They’ll Either Quickly Remove It For You Or Let You Know How To Proceed. A Good Shop Is Always Planting Seeds To Grow Future Customers. They Do This Chore Every Day.


Acetone is a usually a good solvent for glue, and so is ethyl acetate. As it turns out, both are nail polish remover. I doubt seriously that either will dissolve the paint on your car. If you are worried, check it out on a painted are under the hood or inside the trunk. And there is a clear coat on top of the paint that won’t dissolve either. BTW, I wouldn’t equate your lawn mower paint and the car paint. It is highly likely that the only similarity they share is that they are both paints.

Common Sense Answer has had the best solution thus far!!!

Go by a body shop and ask them if they could take minutes and remove the old adhesive for you. They most likely will take a rubber eraser wheel mounted on an air powered tool and buzz it right off for you.

If the shop is fishing for future customers then they would not charge you.

Try alcohol.

If you can find it, try Krud Kutter adhesive remover. It comes in a spray bottle and appears to be water based (no fumes) and works well.

Ed B

I think I used WD-40 on the 85 Cadillac. Mineral spirits or clean air solvent should be OK. Never use gasoline, it is very, very dangerous. There are old mechanics and bold mechanics; there are no old, bold mechanics. If your hands and face mean anything to you, do not play with gasoline. One static spark and the bandages stay on for six weeks or more, then, if you can afford it, comes the painful rehabilitation. Richard Pryor and ether come to mind.

The solvent I use for these types of glue problems is lighter fluid. I have used it for years and it removes any and all sticky materials including 2 part tapes. Just use it on a clean cloth and rub gently.

My lawn mower is the same color as my Solara. I put the goo gone on the mower for maybe a minute. When I removed it (goo gone) with a white cloth the cloth had the color of the mower on it.

That stuff on the rag was just paint that would have come off with a good wax job. It would have come off if you parked the mower outside for a few months. The good paint is not going to come off so easy.

Please don't use gasoline as a solvent.  We want to see you have a long safe life.