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Underbody damage. Is this a big deal?


So I accidentally drove up on the barrier in front of a parking spot (ugh) and scraped the bottom of my car. There’s a hole/crack on the plastic on the underbody (under the driver’s seat). Is this the belly pan? The splash shield?
Anyway, is this a big problem? Can I do an at-home fix? Keep in mind I’m not very handy.

Thanks so much.


Don’t worry about it.


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Doing nothing seems a pretty good approach. I’d probably apply some metal-foil adhesive tape to the area to keep road water from spashling into that hole and causing some sort of problem, but I doubt that would be effective or necessary. But it wouldn’t hurt either.

I would use ‘marine’ quality silicon sealer.

It is wonderful to see someone with so much concern and attention to detail. So many come in with my engine is blown because it ran out of oil and the warranty won’t cover it etc.

Yes - tape is exactly the kind of dummy-proof remedy I need. Is metal foil the best? Because I was considering duct tape (don’t judge haha)

Thanks! Like a type of caulking?

I’m going to take that as a compliment! I’m also very anal retentive and fun at parties. Haha.


Metal foil tape usually withstands heat better than duct tape. But duct tape would probably work too.

Yes it is a high quality waterproof caulking,

I recommend PC-7 epoxy. It is tough and long-lasting.

Perfect use for Gorilla Tape. Doing nothing won’t cause a problem, but Gorilla tape will give you piece of mind.

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It’s not going to tear like that unless it hit something above it. So I would certainly inspect whatever is above it before just leaving it like it is…I wouldn’t even put tape on it…