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Cleaing windows

I have a car that had dark plastic sheets put on the side windows to make it look “cool”. I took the plastic off, but now can’t get the remaining sticky stuff off the windows. Any Ideas?

Try WD-40

WD-40 is my first choice for removing adhesive, because it works well and will not damage the car’s interior if it drips.

If you get desperate, use Goof Off, but be very careful, that stuff will damage your interior if you drip it on anything. Second choice would be MEK. Acetone or toluene might work, but they are also dangerous for the interior, and toluene is not good for you.

I’ve had excellent success with Goo Gone. Cleaning solutions based on citrus juices are also excellent adhesive removers.

The more aggressive solvents like Goo-Gone, Goof-Off and Acetone will remove the adhesive. I suggest that you open the doors wide and work outdoors. First, the solvents are not completely safe to breath. Working next to an open door outside will dissipate the solvent quickly. Second, put the solvent on the cloth that you wipe the windows with, not directly on the window, and do it away from the car. That will prevent drips from getting on the interior. Finish up with rubbing alcohol to remove any leftovers from the cleaning operation. Finally, wear nitrile gloves to protect your hands.

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried this but it did not work.