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Duct tape removal

Used duct tape to secure plastic to cover window that was broken know unable to remove duct tape residue from car - any suggestions without removing paint and/or causing scratches? Car is a 1993 300SD - not in great shape but paint and body are good so dont want to cause any damage.

I once had a spray can of adhesive remover, I think it was 3M brand, and I got it either at a car parts store or a hardware store. Works really well on bumper stickers and such, without harming the paint. Wash well with soapy water after the stickum is off, of course.

I’ve also used a product called “Goo Gone” around the house, but not on a car.

Try any remover you use on a less conspicuous area first, if you are concerned.

I’ve used GooGone to remove similar residues with great success.

and if that doesn’t work, gasoline probably will, but you want to wash it off very well immediately after you get the tape off. Then rewax in the area, because the gas is going to strip that off too.

Nail polish remover. You can use either the acetone or ethyl acetate type. Dampen a paper towel and compress it on the glue spot. Rub the spot. If it comes up, great. Otherwise, you may need to rewet the paper towel. These solvents evaporate quickly; especially acetone. Another thing: wear rubber gloves to prevent the solvents from drying your skin (it dissolves the skin oils). Yet another thing: be careful with these solvents near the rubber gaskets around your window. If you rub the gasket, it will turn black. This isn’t a big deal, but letting the solvents run down the window onto the rubber could be a problem. That’s why you wet the paper towel.

I would not recommend acetone or nail polish remover, too harsh on the paint, except as an absolute last resort. A milder adhesive remover should work fine.

“Goof Off” will remove virtually any adhesive. Looks like a can of lighter fluid…

I have a spray bottle of “Krud Kutter” that removes adhesive pretty well. It’s water based so I don’t think it would harm a paint job.

Ed B.

I’ve done it before and it works fine. But you need to wax it after cleaning. It makes good sens to rinse with a lot of water, too, to quickly rinse away whatever solvent remains.

Believe it or not, try using peanut butter (smooth , not chunky). No abrasives or harsh chemicals. You may need to use a little elbow grease.

WD40 will not hurt paint.

Here’s a simple non chemical solution…The best way of removing tape, stickers,etc from a vehicle is to use a hair dryer. Turn on high heat and hold it over the sticker, slow start pulling it off. If it resists, hold the dryer on it longer.
Also works great on all the stickers,tape, etc kids put all over walls, furniture, but not on them !!! LOL