How to remove adhesive but not the paint


Some of the wheel well moldings and car door moldings (to guard against door dents from other cars and/or grocery carts in parking lots) have come loose and/or totally off. Some came off cleanly, others have left behind all the black sticky adhesive residue.

How do I get that residue off the car without damaging the paint?

Also, how do I get it off the back of the moldings without damaging them?

Instructions on the package of new adhesive for re-attaching the moldings says the paint and the moldings must be totally clean to re-attach them.

This is for a 20 year old car.





You might try some turpentine or paint thinner to cut it with.


Goofoff. Specifically made for doing just that.


What has worked well for me is some water and a hard block pencil eraser. The goo just balls up and rolls off with no damage to the finish.


I like “Goo-B-Gone” (sp?).


Thanks for the suggestions!



You might try heat. Get your hair dryer out and put it on high heat. See if that softens the adhesive. You’ll still need the solvents for the last remnants, but at least you can get some off before you use the solvents. Also, use the solvents outside.