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Remote Clicker

I have a 2 clickers and have broken the plastic part that attaches to the key ring on both–they both work–is there some ting that can attach so I cna get it back on a key ring

2 part plastic epoxy. Use the black 2 part plastic epoxy if the cases are black. Be very careful that you don’t epoxy the cases shut.

I thought of that–but figured there had to be an easier solution—like the rubber that goes around the take along purell bottles —I can’t be the only one that has this proble

You’d have to have something custom made. There are literally thousands of different shapes and sizes for remotes. Trying to make a case that would fit them all would be impossible, and making a different case for all of them would be economically crazy, because you’d never sell enough of any one shape to make a profit.

Hillbilly solution, take it apart, see if there is somewhere you can drill a hole through and slip a new ring in, or a flexible link like on a pull chain.

Another possibility is get one cheap off ebay and either reprogram the car to use it, or swap the guts from the one with the broken plastic.