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Programming a Toyota remote key

I lost a key-remote clicker for locks, trunk. Toyota wants to charge me $100 to program the new ‘clicker’. I talked to an independent repair shop and he can’t sell the key-clicker but said it comes with instructions for programming. Basically, I can save $100. Is this right?

Mr. Kablammo, We Ordered A New Original GM Remote From This Comapny. It Arrived In 2 Days And Included Instructuions. The GM Remote Was Only $25 With New Battery.

Try their web site for your Toyota Fob. There’s a toll-free phone number there, too. They have always been quite helpful.

Click this link:


Ebay also has a ton of these for sale. Some new and some used, some with instructions. If you google, you can find the instructions on Toyota forums anyways. I have looked for my Camry and the prices on ebay are less than the link posted by CSA, but since I haven’t purchased from anybody yet, I will not be able to say if they are worth a try.

Using ebay I bought a key fob and a chip key for an '01 Toyota Sequoia and was able to program both myself. The directions are supplied with the item or they give a web site for the directions via your computer. I don’t remember what I paid, but something like $20 or 30 bucks.