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Keys stolen


If you have a 2nd set of keys and a remote key fob, you can buy new replacement chip keys and fobs on ebay. Most cars can be programmed yourself with instructions provided by the seller. I was successful programming a new chip key and remote for an '01 Toyota Sequoia. I think the total cost was less than $40.00. The new chip key blank can be cut at a hardware store from the 2nd key.

If you have no spares you are at the mercy of the Toyota dealer. A real good locksmith might be able to help you as well but not all locksmiths are equipped to do it. Either case you are talking hundreds of dollars.

I’ve seen those sites - glad to know that will work. I do have an xtra key.
There is sn additional problem - my wife’s purse was taken from our kitchen table & we suspect the perps live in the transient motel down the street & could bide their time & drive off with the car anytime. So, my question is: can the chip be programmed to lock out the old key or does the lock cylinder have to be changed out. $$$$$
Regards, Michael