Clicker won't open back car doors

I used the “clicker” to open the back doors on my 2003 Tahoe and went into a store. When I came out and “clicked” again to put my groceries in the back, the doors would not open. The front doors open, but the two back passenger doors and the cargo doors will not open with the “clicker.” Any ideas how to fix this without a costly mechanic’s bill? Thanks.

The doors you mentioned having trouble are tied to a seperate fuse from the other doors, located in the instrument panel. Check for a fuse marked “LOCKS” and see if the 20A fuse is ok. You may get lucky here and just have to replace the fuse, though one has to wonder what caused the fuse to blow, if it is bad.

Whenever this kind of trouble happens it is a good idea to check for blown fuses first. Using the owners manual as a guide will also help you find the correct fuse most of the time.

The dealer has a tester to make sure the problem is not from the remote(i assume both remotes will not activate rear door solenoid)Maybe the dealer will test the remotes for you just yakes seconds(maybe you ask the parts dept to test them for you. I believe there is a terminal strip that runs along one of the rear pillars are the contacts clean? there is a solenoid in one of the rear doors do you hear it click? Possible linkage (at the solenoid fell off) not tp hard to remove the panel and look in. yeah but first do a fuse check. There is a reciever that sends a signal to the rear doors hope it still has output. there is a seperate button for rear doors isnt there. Didnt ask at first this is a factory keyless entrty system isnt it?