Remote car starter will not start car

We have 2011 Terrain with factory installed remote start. Currently the remote start will not start the car. The parking light flashes, we hear a small click but the car does not start. Other functions of the remote works, lock/unlock and liftgate open. Any clue what should we look at? We have 2012 Equinox too and it starts fine. Under hood both cars looks same so not sure if the problem lies there. Appreciate any pointers.

can you start the vehicle without using the remote start? If not, then I would say your starter is probably bad. Or the battery is too weak to start the vehicle.


Any check engine lights on the dash? Anything else it doesn’t do?

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If the click is coming from the starter motor (engine compartment), pretty good chance either your 12 volt car battery has a problem, or the starter motor is faulty.

I guess it starts without trouble when you are in the car. Does it use a key or is it a push button start? Do all the functions on the key fob work except remote start? If you stand next to the SUV will the remote start work?

I have really no idea but I know on mine there are a number of conditions tat need to be met first, like doors locked, etc, and then it times for ten minutes and you can repeat. So other than checking for a blown fuse, there may be user selected features that might have gotten screwed up and need to be reset. If not I guess I’d be heading to the dealer. They really are a little complicated so you’d need the trouble shooting flow charts from the factory service manual. The range on mine seems to have degraded some over the years though so maybe just have to get closer.


Thanks for replies. The car starts regularly with key in ignition. Other functions of keyfob works fine, lights flashes when remote start is pressed. I have seen that i have to press lock first and then hold down remote start to start it. That’s how my 2012 Equinox starts. For Terrain when tried standing next to car we can hear some loud click after the light flashes. The car battery is more than three years old i believe. Going to get it tested to see if its weakened.

Do you have two key fobs? If both produce a no-start then I think the problem might be in the vehicle side of the system, not the fob.

If it starts with the key, then I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the battery. Some interlock for the remote start is not satisfied perhaps. I saw a post once from a guy with a GM pickup where the remote start cable that ran across the top of the radiator mount was unplugged. Everything else was normal but the remote start just flashed the lights but would not start the engine. He speculated someone may have actually unplugged it at a recent service as it stopped working right after that.