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Auto Start not starting

I have a Ford Ranger with a remote start. Recently it will not start when I push the start button. It will lock the doors and the fuel pump will whine, but the vehicle will not turn over. Any ideas???

How’s the battery? Does it start conventionally, with the key?

Yes, the truck starts right up with the key, but sometimes after I use the remote start there is nothing, no click, co lights on the dash. This is very infrequent, and it usually only happens the 1st or 2nd time I try to start the truck. After that it works fine with the key

Hundreds of parameters here.
A tech will need to check.

Do you have a door ajar warning showing even though the doors are closed ?

The computer runs a system check each time and just one bad indicator will stop the cycle.

Is it a Ford system or another brand?
Techs will call 1-800-FORDKEY for tech help. maybe they’ll speak to you too.
( all Ford remote start kits are added on and made by Code Systems inc aka Power Code )

Otherwise call the number in your remote start user manual.