Remote Car Starter

2009 Impala, 54k, factory installed remote start will no longer start engine.
This problem just started with both remotes.
When used in close proximity of the car this is what happens:
1st-attempt-I hear a short humming noise and lights flash,
2nd-attempt a click and lights flash,
3rd attempt (and there after)-no sound and no flash of lights.
The remote lock/unlock feature with horn beep and lights flash works fine on both remotes.
The car starts every time by key with no problem.
Any thoughts of what may be wrong?

When was the last time the remote batteries were changed? Usually a remote will start to act up when the batteries get low. When they do…some function or another is usually lost. If the batteries are fairly new then you need to see a good independent mechanic.

Does the parking brake have to be on for this remote starter to work? Some of them implement that requirement as a safety feature. If so, with the engine on, put your parking brake on. Does the parking brake light on the gauge cluster light up? If not, then your parking brake sensor is bad and is stopping the remote from starting the car.

Well you may need to take it to a dealer to hook the computer up and see exactly what is not happening, but try the simple stuff first.

Check your options on the dash control to make sure you have still enabled remote start. You can choose to enable or disable the feature. Remote start will not work if the hood is open, oil pressure is low, coolant temp is high, etc. or if there are any stored trouble codes in the on board computer. So open and close the hood again to make sure it thinks the hood is shut. If you have On Star, push the button and ask them to scan the system for any trouble codes and note what they are.

It doesn’t appear that there is any fuse specificly for the remote start but it wouldn’t hurt to check all of the fuse boxes for any bad fuses.

You only get two 10 minute periods without resetting the system again by turning the key on. It sounds like it is receiving the signal twice, and then on the third time its being ignored. I suspect you’d be able to repeat the sequence again if you turned the key on and then off. You are hitting the lock button one or two times first, correct?

Other than that its off to the dealer. I don’t know that I’d want just anyone fooling with the system without the computer to tell exactly what sequence is being broken and with the correct trouble shooting chart.

Response to “missileman”: I have never changed the batteries, if it comes down to that, I will replace them. Thanks!

Response to “shadowfax” : no the parking brake does not have to be set for the remote starter to work on this car and the light works for it on the instrument cluster of lights. Thanks!

Response to “Bing”: I think you nailed it. The check engine light has been for a few weeks. I have been meaning to get the trouble code for it but it has been so cold around here that I still haven’t…but I will soon. I have a feeling it has to do with evap. emissions since this has been an on-going issue. (No On Star). I checked my owner’s manual and sure enough it states that the remote start will not operate if the check engine light is on. I followed thru on all your other suggestions except the fuses. First I’ll take care of the check engine light, that should solve it. Thanks!

This could very well be an issue with the security feature by-pass module that would be needed to remote start the car. It’s easy to check this: Put the factory key in the ignition (just in the normal off-lock position). Then stand outside the car with the remote and see if the car starts. If it does, that’s the problem. If the same thing happens, you’ve got a different problem that could be related to the CEL being on.