My Car starts on it's own

I have a 06 Chevy Equinox, w/80K miles. When I turn off ignition and pull the key out, all the dash lights will flash rapidly/intermittently, even when I open the door. I have even pulled the key, opened the door, and stepped out and the car restarted on its’ own. I also get an electrical shock when I grab the door to close it. This problem seems to happen more in the rain, or when it’s wet out, and drains my battery. There are times when the dash lights flash, that I will insert the key again, and try to restart my car, and it won’t even start. I will then wait a few seconds, and try again, and it will restart. Sometimes, the check engine light comes on, but when I take it to have the error scanned, it doesn’t come up with an error. I’m very nervous to work on it due to the fact that it will start on it’s own without the key in the ignition. Any thoughts?

Did you buy the car new or used? Do you know if it has a remote starter either installed at the factory or purchased and installed by an auto electronics shop?

I don’t see how a car could actually activate the starting motor without a remote starter somewhere in the vehicle. Remote starters often work for a year of two and then fail and are too expensive to fix. Perhaps a previous owner had one and didn’t pass that info along when he or she sold the car or turned it in.

Your post is a good example of how not to lay out your symptoms to a mechanic. You have described intermittent dash light activity,self starting, electrical shock upon exit, rain influence, no crank with key activation, check engine light, drained battery.

I would tell you a price by the hour with no upper limit on the hours and hope you selected a different mechanic. Accepting this car into my shop would set up a virtual “marriage”.

You describe perfectly the symptoms of a failed / botched remote starter/alarm system…Or perhaps a “flood restored” vehicle…

We purchased this vehicle used. I don’t see a remote start visible (I really haven’t looked for one), but would/could this still happen if they removed the remote start after they turned the vehicle back in?

Never thought about it that way. I figured the more info I give, the easier it would be for the mechanic to figure out exactly what is wrong with it. Obviously there is a short in it somewhere, but where exactly, and what caused it needs to be located. I’ve talked to a few different people, and all say that it’s probably a remote car starter that wasn’t deactivated. It could be a flood vehicle too…

I would start by having someone inspect the ignition lock/switch assembly.
I would bet it is failing, and causing all the trouble.


What I am saying is that if I must be able to explain to you how all the symptons you have described fit into my diagnosis, I could not easily do it.

If I was allowed to disregard the rain influence,shock upon exit,check engine light I could more easily construct a diagnosis.

What will probably happen is the mechanic will disregard these symptons without telling you, but if you insist upon sympton linkage before you give the OK to procede, it will be difficult.

So you’re saying you wouldn’t take the job because you couldn’t fix the problem and don’t want to soak the customer without delivering results. That shows integrity.

Somewhere there’s a shop that can fix this.

I am saying I would take the job with an opened repair order. I am also saying that customers that link symptons like the OP is can be difficult to please,most of the time I don’t have the luxury of turning down customers as I am not always the boss.

I wouldn’t expect a mechanic to link everything to one thing. It could be more than one thing causing it. just as I would not expect a Dr. to diagnose multiple symptoms down to one thing before I give him approval to operate. I would let him run tests. A lot of times, Dr’s and mechanics don’t think of the one answer that is a fix all. only after all tests have been run, are they able to diagnose, and sometimes then it’s a light bulb moment.
Thanks for the help tho.