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Car tries to start without key

My son’s 05’ Equinox tries to start without the key in the ignition after turning off the car. The car never starts. The after market remote stater was disconnected but the same problem persisted. The only way to stop the car from trying to start is to open the drivers side door.

what do you mean by “tries to start”? is it dieseling? Dieseling used to fairly common before the days of fuel injected engines. After the car is shut off, it would turn over slowly with loud bangs.

No, the engine shuts off, but the car tries to restart as if you were turning the key, except the key is not in the ignition.

so the starter runs, and continues to run?

Once the key is turned off and removed, the starter trys to start the car, say every 8 seconds and only ingages for a couple of seconds then stops. This keeps repeating until the driver side door is opened. The car never starts, just tries to start.

If you find out what is causing this, please post back with a description of what failed and how the failure was found.

Am so curious about this.

Are you sure the remote starter was completely disconnected, ie, removed?

Yep, either the remote starter is still there or the wiring was butchered and two leads have been crossed.