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Remote start problems

I have a 2010 Chevrolet equinox (bought it used just this year) it’s trying to start it’s self with the key out and in the off Position. It has remote start on it. I have 3 keys to it but one I think the battery is going bad in. Will that by chance have something to do with this problem? I have read all the post on here about the same problem but no one has said anything about that. Thanks in advance.

Is this a factory remote starter or an aftermarket one? If it’s an aftermarket one, it’s not uncommon for those to start failing in quirky ways, so that’s certainly one suspect.

If there is a fuse or a connector for the remote start I would just disable the remote start .

There is a good chance the OP doesn’t know the answer to that question, particularly since the car was bought used.

Having said that, I’m willing to bet it’s an aftermarket system since it uses a key and not a push-button starter.

@Wesley_Nash, if a remote starter is something you don’t want or could live without, the cheapest and easiest solution would be to remove the system or disable it by removing the fuse for the device.

If the remote starter is something you need or really want, the easiest solution will be to replace the system.

One reason this can be a difficult problem to diagnose is that someone in your neighborhood might have a similar system or a wireless device of some kind that runs on the same frequency, like a key fob, an alarm system, or something else. If your system has an option of changing frequencies, you could try that, but good luck doing that if it’s an aftermarket system and the instructions didn’t come with the car.

Sometimes this is caused by a malfunctioning system, but often, the cause is something in the environment, and that makes this kind of problem really hard to diagnose.