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Remote access

We have a 2001 Lexus LS430 and a 1998 Pontiac Gran Prix GTP.If I have both remotes in my pocket,We somtimes find the Lexus with all the windows and the sunroof open.Lexus dealer cannot explain.The “Wife” thought I was out “joy riding” at night. Any Ideas?

The “Wife?”

Not “My wife,” not “My dear wife,” not even “My wife.”

The “Wife.”

Is that how you describe your betrothed?

Does your wife know that you refer to her as The “Wife?”

Were you out joy riding at night? Why would she think this?

You haven’t given us enough information about the Lexus, but thanks for the info about your personal life. We always enjoy a good story.

My guess is someone (you or whoever has access to the remote for your Lexus), is pushing the button on the remote that opens the windows and the sunroof. This may happen because you have both remotes in your pocket (the reason I don’t carry my car’s remote) or it might just be random chance.

Stop carrying both remotes and see what happens.

Have a talk with your mistress and the mailman.