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Mystery of the open windows


We had the weirdest thing happen last night. Yesterday I came home early from grocery shopping and I parked the car in the carport and locked as always (windows all shut since it was cold and rainy). This morning when I went to my car, all the windows, including the sun roof were wide open. Have you ever heard of there being some weird electronic glitch in a car when the temperature drops to a certain level?

Does your car have a feature on the remote that will lower the car windows if you press the unlock button more than once quickly?

Your car must have the “kidnapp avoidance” feature activated. This is when all possible aveneus off escape are presented, not temperature dependant.

I’m going to revise bscar’s post, and say that the OP’s car DOES have the ability to open its windows and its sun roof via the remote. Even if the OP has not read this portion of the Owner’s Manual, the car has this feature and it was activated by somebody (or something) putting enough pressure on the appropriate remote button for the appropriate amount of time.

Read your Owner’s Manual!

Wow, deja vu

P.S. Ignore oldschool’s comments. You’ll never find that ‘feature’.