Lexus GS300 driver door not working with remote

My '01 Lexus GS300 has a problem with the remote opener. First click usually unlocks the drivers door & second click unlocks the other 3 doors. Now the drivers door doesn’t even make a sound - I have to unlock it with the key. To lock up the car, clicking the remote will lock 3 doors but again the drivers door must be locked with the key. I removed the door panel and looked for some kind of solenoid or actuator but could find nothing. I switched what looked like a relay box with the one on the passenger door. Then the first click on the remote unlocked the passenger door! Any ideas would be appreciated!!! (By the way, the battery in the remote is nearly new).

Most vehicles with power locks have actuators.

Maybe Toyota had different ideas.

Does the power door lock switch on the drivers door activate the door lock?

Thanks for your reply! Regarding the actuator, it may in fact have one but I don’t know what to look for or where it might be. I’ll try to explain what the door lock switch is doing: pushing the power door lock switch on the drivers door, it will not activate the door lock on that door, but activates the other 3 door locks. If I manually move the drivers door button itself (the one that shows red when unlocked) when the door is open, that will activate the other 3 door locks. When I do the same thing with the drivers door closed nothing happens at all.

My remote opens the doors in the same order but I haven’t had any lock problems.

I just read through this Haynes repair manual for my Matrix and it doesn’t explain much about fixing door locks or controllers.

Anyway, I’m afraid you may need a trip to a dealer unless someone here has torn one of these down and can explain the procedure to you.

Perhaps take a look at a repair manual for your vehicle at an automotive store or check out the library as they usually have repair manuals or associated web sites.

ok - thanks for your thoughts on this. I’ll do more research.