Remember when I said?

In a recent post that devolved to a discussion about people refusing to upgrade their systems (most may remember it) I believe I brought the whole thread to a virtual standstill with my post. Well, the biggest of those providers is changing the game again.

the original CarTalk thread:

Summary: In a major policy change, Microsoft plans to deliver IE upgrades automatically to Windows users. That moves IE incrementally closer to its fast-paced competitors, although there are still enough exceptions to keep enterprise users happy.

There’s a link to the Microsoft blog on the topic in the story. Let it never be said you didn’t hear it here first.


At least they have an opt-out for enterprise customers. This would really screw us if this goes in place.

They do, and they have an opt out even for everyone else. Most, though, won’t know what to do, or how to do it.

It’s good to be warned this is coming, in any event. Maybe even help make the 'Net a somewhat safer online playground (right).

Geeee, Microsoft “finally” providing upgrades automatically to Windows users ?
Like buying a cheaper car at the sacrifice of service and reliability.

Basically, they’re going to make them all “Critical” updates, instead of “Optional”. That way, if you haven’t opted out (details will follow, I’m sure), you’ll get them regardless.

There are still a lot of bugs to be worked out - as always with Micro$oft - but overall I think this is a good thing. Now, if only they’d make it fully compliant, THEN we’d be talking about something serious.

Based on Microsoft’s past record…they’ve had upgrades that have really messed up companies. So much so that many large corporations have a whole group to first test the upgrades on an isolated network to see if it affects any of their systems. Many companies also turn off the automatic upgrades from Microsoft.