RESCHEDULED: Tonight, May 17: Upgrade Downtime

Hello - the upgrade/migration will take place tonight instead. I’m not sure of the exact time, as it wasn’t anticipated, but my contact e-mailed me just after 9 pm EST to say he was starting on it shortly. Thank you for bearing with us this evening.

Perfect. I have a fishing trip planned on that day with my brothers and I won’t be back until Wednesday morning. Thursday morning if the fish are cooperating.

Have fun, @missileman‌! I hope you will return to fewer logouts and overloads.

'‘UP’'grade ?
Time will tell.
I’ve seen far far too many CHANGES made under the misnomer of being an UPgrade. Especially in my Ford and Reynolds&Reynolds catalog and invoicing.
I’ve become completely numb to the notion that changes are indeed UPgrades :frowning:

I’ve told Ford so often that the term UPgrade should indicate an actual improvement, not just a bunch of changes so often that they’ve banned me from the Ford chat room !
One example ; I used Car Talk as an example of how I’d like to see the Ford posts to be editable by the poster in the same manner, currently they’re not, if you err it’s written in stone. I guess they didn’t like being told what to do.

@"ken green"‌, I know, I know. I sure hope this will prove the exception to your rule.

Good luck and thanks,Carolyn-Kevin

May I ask if this will affect how the mobile version of the website looks? Since a few weeks ago the discussion board turned from white background and blue headers to some weird combination of many unrecognizable characters… All the little icons turned into squares.
I am using windows mobile 7.5 to access the mobile site.

@252525, this work isn’t intended to change the interface at all. It’s an upgrade to the servers that host the site. I’m sorry to hear that the mobile site hasn’t been working well for you. I’m looking into it, as the issue hadn’t been brought to my attention yet. The mobile interface was recently redone, and it’s good to know when there are glitches.

@cdaquila , if that helps I could try to take some screenshots to show the issues.
Thank you for the reply and the explanation.

@252525, I just heard back from Support, who suggested you try clearing your cache to see whether that clears anything up. (I know that’s a pretty standard suggestion with a lot of issues, but because I haven’t heard about any other users having a problem, I can’t rule out the possibility there’s an issue unique to you.) If you do that, and the issue persists, please take some screenshots and e-mail them to me at, OK? In the meantime, if anyone else has issues with the mobile interface, let me know.

Ya know I have looked at cloud services for backup etc. 95% uptime guarantee means you may be inoperable 18 days of a year.

That’s a cheery thought, @Barkydog!