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Is there a relay for door switch and dome light? My “door” indicator stays on. The dome light stays on as if a door is open. Is there a relay for this switch? Where? I’ve checked fuses they are ok. (even though a fuse indicator light also come on)

I believe on the 2000-2005 Neon the “FUSE” message in the odometer display indicates the IOD fuse is removed, check the fuse box under the hood. The dome light; check the door jam switches. The problem usualy occurs on the rear doors. With the ignition on open one door at a time and hold the door jam switch in until you find the one that will turn off the dome light. Replace the switch or for a temporary fix pry the center of the plunger out a little.

The fact that the door open indicator stays on kind of rules out any question that you just have your dome light switched to the wrong position. You do have a relay. But I doubt that is your problem, and in fact this whole mess seems pretty circular. If a wire coming from a switch was shorting, the fuse should have blown. You have no blown fuses, but a light is lit indicating that a fuse has blown (which does exist for your car, if not necessarily your year). Maybe a bad relay would explain that. But what year is your car?

Most likely this is really just a bad door switch. You can make this whole thing simpler by telling us what year your car was made and what has been done by anyone so far to resolve this problem.

The neon is a 2000. I replaced all 4 door switches. I’ve checked all the fuses that I could find and they all seem okay. How would I check to see if it’s a relay? Could you please desribe where I would locate the relay for this switch.

Another update. I noticed last night that while sitting with the keys in the ignition, in the off position. The key reminder alert started to bing as if I had the driver’s door open.(it was closed tight) It does not bing when I open passenger doors.

Thanks for your help

If you have replaced the door switches, then you should go ahead and find and replace the relay in the fuse box under the dash. The fuse panel cover should tell you where it is, but if not it should be top right on the panel. It’s not a fuse. Buy the part first so you can recognize it.
Hopefully that works, but if it doesn’t, remove the interior lamps so at least the battery doesn’t drain. Or just pull the fuse for the interior lights.
The relay is supposed to shut the interior lights off after a certain time, usually half a minute. But you might still have a short somewhere. It might even be an ignition switch problem.
Hope any of that helps.