Dome light comes on when I turn right



I have a '97 Toyota Camry that’s been gremlin-free for the entirety of my ownership. However, about a year ago, my dome light (which is set to come on when a door is open) started flickering on when I would make a 90 degree right turn. The indicator light on the dash showing an open door would also come on, as would the green lighted ring around the ignition. So, when I made right turns, my car thought a door was open and reacted accordingly.

It seemed as though these things would all happen when a relay was not functioning properly, so I got a Toyota book, followed the wiring diagram, and replaced the relay which ties all these factors together. This did not solve the problem.

However, as time went on, the car started thinking a door was open all the time (regardless of making right turns, left turns, driving straight, or backing up), so the light was on all the time, and the indicator light stayed lit on the dash - including when the car wasn’t on.

Yesterday, I came out to the car, and my battery is dead. I know the short-term solution is to replace the dead battery, but what do I do about the underlying problem?

Your thoughts are much appreciated!



'Taint the relay, it’s the switch… or one of your four door switches. Open each door and locate the switch on the door jamb. One of them is acting flaky, or maybe it’s the rubber bumber on the door that is tired and worn out. You’ll have to play around a bit to figure out which is the weak switch. Then decide of you want to replace it (cheap) or simply remove it and tape up the end of the wire conector.


I thought I was going to get to use my “well don’t turn right anymore” line, but now that it’s doing it all the time, I guess SteveF has the right answer. :slight_smile: