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1997 mercury sable dome light

The dome light (and auto door lock feature) are malfunctioning. After opening a door the dome light will often stay on for up to 10min. (Yes the doors are completely closed.) Also, the auto door lock function will not engage. It seems there is a short in the system, is it possible to just remove the fuse for the dome light? I checked the fuse boxes in the cabin and under the hood, but have not been able to find the fuse for the dome light. Any suggestions?

This is a common problem with your car. The cause is a door switch sticking in the “door open” position even though the door is closed, so the car still thinks a door is opened.

The fix is simple, just squirt some WD40 up inside the door latch mechanism in all four doors.

If you took it to a shop they could tell exactly which door switch is sticking through diagnostics.

Choose your spray product with caution,do you want to clean or lube? some products attract dirt.

Any “door ajar” warning?

Review your electrical terms in regards to what is a “short” and what is a “open”

Make sure the dome light switch is off. Some cars will shut the light off in ten minutes when the switch is turned on.

Yes there is a door ajar warning or at least the light on the dashboard indicating a door is open. There is no sound indicating a door is open. I used the term ‘short’ b/c it is and intermittent problem and recently it had begun to cause the light to flicker and the automatic door locks open/close rapidly.
I will try to lubricant/cleaner solution and report on the results.
Thank you all for the suggestions.