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2003 dodge neon

was wondering. my dome light stays on after i start the car and the door light indactor is on . all my doors are shut tightly any ideas some one said it might be the door stoppers if so.where are those located an how do i replace them…

if its a fuse which fuse is it and is it under the hood or by the door panel…any help woud do …thank you…

It won’t be a fuse. A blown fuse would mean the light would never come on. And a blown fuse won’t turn on the door open indicator. (But if you ever do need to find the fuses, some are probably in the engine compartment in a covered tray on the drivers side wall. There will probably be more in the passenger compartment. In our 1995 Neon, I think they were behind a panel on the end of the dash to the left of the steering wheel).

Most likely, one of the doors isn’t closing fully or the door switch is broken. I’m pretty sure that our 1995 Neon used rubber covered – normally closed – switches mounted on the body at the lower rear of each door well. The switch is spring loaded. the switch is pushed open when the door is closed and the spring pushes the spring closed when the door is even slightly ajar. If any switch is closed (i.e. if any door is not fully closed) the switch will close and complete a circuit that turns on the cabin lights and the door open indicator. It’s a common arrangement. I’m told that some cars have switches in the door latch instead. The door switches – if you have them – do indeed look like door stops. But you will be able to push them in (open them) with light finger pressure which would be a dubious feature in a door stop.

ok ill look thankas for info