Recommended adhesive for replacing a car emblem?


I have a large missing grill emblem on my older car. I ordered a replacement, but the original glue does not come with it. The technician suggested a silicone adhesive. I want to make sure I get something that will really hold this emblem in place. Any suggestions on what to purchase and where? Thanks!


Silicone adhesive should work fine, but my favorite glue for most automotive jobs is Pit Crew’s Choice by Loctite. It goes on white but dries clear and does not yellow appreciably in sunlight. I have even used it to seal cracked plastic headlight lenses with good results.

It holds well and remains slightly pliable, so it tolerates differential expansion by parts, which is what you will have with this emblem.

It takes a LOT longer to cure than the tube instructions indicate. Be prepared to keep the parts clamped together for 24 hours if you use it.


I used 3M Molding Tape to reattach all the trim to my 93 Caprice after it was repainted. No problems after 4 years so far.

I believe it is available in a 5 ft length also.

Ed B.


I prefer the double-sided sticky tape or whatever you prefer to call it. Thoroughly clean the area where it will be attached with acetone, alcohol, etc. before applying the emblem and it should never come loose.

Sticky tape is often used for body side moldings, etc. and even high pressure at the car wash won’t knock it loose.


liquid nails worked for me but, it was an emblem on the cloth top. don’t know about the grill? good luck


ok4450 is on the right track. This is what manuf. use which is also called butyl (beu-tal)tape.


I use 3M emblem adhesive. Its an instant bond, clear, made for that purpose, and allows removal of the emblem again if need be. Liquid Nails is for house building and dries out after a while.


the auto parts store sells the tube of “auto trim adheshive”

does the trick. looks just like it came from the factory.

actually i think last time i needed some, i found it at the hardware store.


I put a Cadillac emblem on with double sided foam tape and it held. It was on a rear roof pillar.


BTW don’t use just any double face tape from the hardware store. You want the stuff from the auto parts store. Most tapes from the hardware store will not stand up to all the weather and stress an automobile gets.