How to stick Volvo 850 decal that fell off suddenly

The 850 decal on my 1997 Volvo 850 fell off rather suddenly. I have it because it fell in the garage. It can be put back on, but I was wondering what sort of glue, etc it appropriate for it. It can get a lot of exposure to extreme heat and cold at different times of the year.
Any suggestions? Thanks!

There are special adhesives (and mounting tapes) made for this. Try the parts store.

Go to a good auto store that sells auto body supplies like NAPA and get a tube of 3M trim adhesive. That’s what its for. Not cheap but it will be a lifetime supply if it doesn’t dry out first. Or just go to a body shop and pay them the $20 to have it affixed using the same stuff.

It’s a contact type adhesive. Apply to the plate, stick on, pull apart and let it flash for a few seconds, then stick it on. Done.

And make sure you clean off the old adhesive. The place you bond the name plate back on has to be be clean paint. No dirt, old adhesive, or wax can be under the new adhesive or t won’t stick very long. After you bond the name plate on and are certain it will hold, you can wax the area. Acrylic adhesives are often used, and you could use acetone to remove the old adhesive. It will also remove the wax. Rinse it with water quickly as it will attack rubber parts and might attack the paint if you leave it on long enough. Your wife probably has acetone (nail polish remover). It is aggressive, and you should be careful with it. If you want to see if it damages your paint, pull up the carpet in the trunk and rub it on the usually hidden paint. If the rag doesn’t turn the color of your car, it won’t attack the paint.

I’d clean off the old glue and put the badge in the glove box. Clean look!

Super Glue. Any of the cyanoacrylate products will do a wonderful job gluing trim back on.

I agree that a cyanoacrylate glue is the best to use, in light of the very small amount that is needed. Any other products are likely to make the decal look very bumpy and uneven as a result of having to use more of those products on the back of the decal.

And, I just have to say that, if this is the biggest problem that the OP has with an 18 year old Volvo, he is extremely lucky.


Don’t use any glues/adhesives unless they’re specifically designed for attaching trim pieces/badges as they can attack the paint itself.

Instead use a product such as 3M trim and badge tape.

This can be found at any auto parts store. And comes in different widths and thicknesses for the proper application.


Double-sided foam tape worked for me in Ca. where there was no Winter weather.