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Receiver for keyless entry

I bought multiple fobs from different vendors - including the dealer who checked the car’s VIN - and I was not able to program them (through the radio). My dealer tells me that I need a new receiver; however, it’s been on “back order” for several months now. Help!

Post the exact steps you tried.

Also, what year is your Impala?

It is a 2002 bought in Dec 2001 and has 210k miles. 1. replaced battery in existing fob and wasn’t able to program it through the radio (the fob is programmed through the radio). 2. replaced the battery again from a new battery pack and still the radio wasn’t able to recognize it. 3. bought a new fob from the dealer using the VIN. The service department wasn’t able to program it. 4. That’s when they told me I needed a new receiver and that it was on back order.

What I was driving at was what steps did you use with the radio to reprogram the key?