Program FOB for Impala

Is it possible to program the fobs 4 GM cars, specifically a Chevy Impala. They want to charge me too much money for the fob b and then another $40 to program it. I figured I probably can’t avoid the charge for the f o b, but is it possible for us to do it ourselves? Are there programming instructions somewhere on the web? I did a brief search and couldn’t find anything.

I’d check with local locksmiths to see if they can supply and/or program the fobs.

The word is fob. No need for spaces or all caps.

You must have an aftermarket FOB, the 1963 Chevy Impala’s didn’t come with them. :slightly_smiling_face:

Without knowing the year of your car, we can’t tell if programming is dealer only or if it’s owner capable.

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If you mean program it to control door locks, then you can’t do that. It’s a security issue, and only GM dealers and a very few locksmiths can do it. If you mean to alter the functions the fob controls, then the instructions should be in your owner’s manual.

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Some vehicles will allow the owner to register new RKE transmitters to the vehicle, the procedure will be in the owners manual.

Try spelling fob to your voice recognition. :wink:

  1. Not sure where you’re seeing 1963, but it’s a typo.

I mean program it so it’s linked to my car so that I can unlock doors and remote start the it. I think that’s what you mean. I don’t see how it’s a security issue when you need a key in the first place to program it. If you have a key, you have the car anyway, so what if they ALSO give you a remote door unlock?

Frankly I have trouble understanding what your problem is. Do you not have a working remote or key that opens doors . Can you start the car and drive ?

The Impala a few years older than your has an owner programming procedure for the remotes but the 2013 does not.

You can have a lock and key shop program them for you but $40 is a bargain.

Be aware that you must bring all remotes with you to be programmed, all others will be disabled.

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I was just guessing at 1963, when you don’t post the year, that’s all we can do.
Your reply to me is the first mention of it being a 2013.

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You are an honest owner, but what about the numerous criminals that would like to reprogram a remote to open car doors easily?

I have a key. But I was really liking the remote starter. The dealers want to charge me $150 for a new FOB. That seems high, especially since it includes a $40 “programming” charge.

That is a fair price .

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Sometimes you can get “blank” fobs from eBay or even Amazon for far less than $150. Take the blank fobs to a locksmith.

Good luck.

Have you done that before? This is like buying more traditional auto parts on eBay, taking them to an auto repair shop, and asking the mechanic to install them. A lot of mechanics won’t do that. They only install parts they buy from sources they normally use. I suspect a locksmith would think of this situation the same way.

You can search Amazon. 2 keys, 2 fobs, $25. There are videos on programming.

I haven’t done one on a Chevy, but the video sounds similar to my older car.

I have done it before on my Dodge, more times than I care to admit. :smile:

These newfangled key fobs don’t work nearly as well as a good old metal key.

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