2006 Chevy Malibu Key Fob died

My remote entry key fob thingy died. I figured that after 10 years the battery was dead, so I went for a replacement (Battery) Much to my surprise the battery was still good. Next stop the dealer who wants $130 for a replacement, or $50 to program the $25 one I found on Amazon. I believe that programing involves some sort of turning the key, pressing buttons and possible body contortions in some sequence.

Can anyone tell me the proper sequence?

The Car Originally Came With 2 Remote Key Fobs And An Owner’s Manual.
Have You Got The Other Fob? How About That Manual?

With one working fob, it’s usually a simple DIY operation to set-up a second (replacement) unit. Without any working fob’s, the dealer could be your best friend.


If I remember correctly, if you have the 2 original fobs the car came with and they work, adding replacement fobs is just a matter of pressing the right buttons in the right sequence. But if you only have one and it’s dead, you’ll need to program the system from scratch.

Are you not able to get to a dealer or locksmith to have this done?

Does the other key fob work? If not, then the issue is with the car and not the fob.

Much to my surprise the battery was still good.

How was this determined? These 3V cells can read 3.0V and be dead (new cells will read 3.3V).

I have a better solution. You can get a Dorman Keyless Entry starting at about $60. I paid $80 for my at my local Autozone. The best part is that you get an adapter for your scan port to program your own fob. Vehicles with remote start cost a little more. The programming is simple.

I can go to the dealer for $135, or buy one from Amazon for $25, but then the dealer want’s $50 to program it. Consider that I’m a cheap type (why else would I be here). Yes I have a second one, but that died within the first year, and I just threw it in a drawer someplace. What I want to do is spend $25 at amazon and when I get it, program it myself. I’m betting it’s just turning the key on and off while holding the right buttons down. The question is, which are the right buttons?

I had the same problem with the key fob for my 2006 Chevrolet Uplander. I was going to have the battery replaced, but the,service writer said that it was,the contacts that surround the battery. He opened the fob, took the battery out, bent the contacts in, replaced the battery,and it worked fine. I had to do the same thing myself to the other fob.

If the key fob requires reprogramming, it must be done at the dealer.

Here’s the procedure:

  1. Connect CANDI module.

  2. Connect scan tool.

  3. Turn the ignition switch on, engine off.

  4. With the scan tool select body and accessories.

  5. Select keyless entry.

  6. Select proper engine size.

  7. Select model setup.

  8. Select Body Control Module. (BCM)

  9. Select Program Key Fob.

  10. Follow scan tool on screen instructions.