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Rearview Mirror Adhesives Blues

So my rearview mirror fell off due to age and summer heat of a locked car. I decide to repair it myself - buy a kit. Put the metal mounting pad on THE WRONG SIDE to the glass so the bevel doesn’t match the mirror! Is there a releasing solvent that I can somehow use to release it? Help or further direction would be appreciated.

Dunno. A car window glass shop may be your best source of information. After all, it’s their profession.

I Have Heard Of People Gluing A Second Mounting Pad To the first One, Oriented Correctly, Of Course.


Does the kit manufacturer have a web site or a help line?

A cyanoacrylate debonder might work. Try a local hobby shop.

Ed B.

Excellent Idea - When your in the heat of frustration - all reasonable solutions elude me. Very good idea! Your gona go to Heaven for being so helpful

Very good idea - I’m going to find the package and proceed as you suggest. Thank you - Dave

Very good idea - hopefully its from the cyanoacrylate (SuperGlue) family. Dave thankful to you for taking time to help me

Hey Dave! Let Us Know What You Find Out And Do About This. I’m Sure This Isn’t The First Time This Happened And Certainly Not The Last.

Your information can serve others.


Probably if you get it warm in the sun, you can twist it right off with pliers.

I don’t believe it is a cyanoacrylate. It is UV activated.

Forcefully removing the inside rear view mirror mount WILL break the glass.