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Rear View Mirror removal

My rear view mirror fell off and when I went to reattach it, I put it on upside down!

How can I remove it so that it can be put on correctly?

You will have to carefully heat the bracket up with a hair dryer or heat gun. Carefully take a pliers to the bracket and gently rock it back and forth until it lets go. Use care when doing this, you can easily damage your windshield! Other option is to go to an auto glass installation center and let them do it for you.

EDIT…Reread your post…did you reglue the actual bracket or just put the mirror itself back on? The above would be for the mirror bracket.

Thanks - I reglued the bracket (or button) back on.

I did that once and rather than try to get it off i hust drilled a shallow hole in the button for the set screw for the mirror to catch on. The arm that held the actual mirror had a 360 degree swivel on both ends.