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Rearview mirror

the rear view mirror to my 02 Subaru Forrester fell off the other day when the night time temp. dropped to the single digits. i tried super gluing it back to the window but being so cold it wouldn’t stick. any ideas? i miss my rear view mirror.

It just so happens that there is a little kit that most auto parts stores carry, that is made exactly for this purpose. It’s a little tube of glue and an applicator, you glue the metal pad part of the mirror on first (if you look at it, you’ll see that there is a removable metal base / pad), and then install the mirror arm and mirror to that.

Only catch is, I think most of them say it has to be above a certain temperature. Stop by any auto parts store, tell them what you’re after, they’ll fix you up for only a few bucks.

Those reattachment kits the parts stores sell don’t work well. I gave up on them and now use Duro two part epoxy.

First mark the outside of the windshield to reference where the mounting medallion is located. Start the engine and set the vent system to defrost to heat the windshield. With a razor blade scrape off as much of the old glue as possible. Then using acetone or fingernail polish remover clean any residue from the windshield. Clean the medallion using the same method. Mix up and apply the epoxy to the medallion and place it over the reference mark that was made earlier. Use a piece of masking tape to hold the medallion to the windshield as the epoxy cures. After ten minutes remove the masking tape and mount the mirror.


Those reattachment kits the parts stores sell don’t work well

My experience has been just the opposite. However the glass has to be 100% clean and the adhesive is UV activated, so it needs sunlight or a UV light source to cure.

I have had the glass give way before the cured adhesive fail. I got the latch for a vent window on just a little too tight, after it closed it popped off taking a hunk of glass with it.

I used the kit to reattach the rear view mirror that I bought at the auto parts store. It worked just fine. I followed the directions and cleaned the glass with isopropyl alcohol. There is a metal button that to which the mirror is attached. Remove that from the mirror and use the kit to attach the button to the windshield. I gave it a day to bond. Reattach the mirror to the button. As I remember, there was a hex screw that held the mirror to the button.

With Duro epoxy, it doesn’t require UV light to cure. It’s activated when exposed to moisture in the air.


i used the duro two part epoxy and it fell off again! i am beginning to think the weather has something to do with it. we haven’t seen the temp above freezing in weeks.

Likely the cold is causing trouble. You might have to live with the two outside ones until it warms up.

You should use tape to hold the metal part on while it cures.