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Glue for Rear View Mirror?

A few months ago the rear view mirror on my 99 Altima fell off. I bought a product made by locktite to fix it (here’s a link: and followed the instructions to the letter, even making sure I did it at the right temperature. The mirror stayed on a few weeks and fell off again.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a product which actually works?

I used a double backed tape that was sold specifically for the job - and I put the tape on the windshield and let it stay for a few hours before I reinstalled the morror . Worked fine .

I’ve never found those mirror remounting kits to work. What I use to remount mirrors is Duro two part epoxy. Works everytime.


I have always used the locktite kits to re-attach rear view mirrors and they always work for me. You have to get the windshield really clean first. I have had them fail a year or two later on a 90 degree day but that is a rare occurrence around here.

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First, it’s almost impossible to glue the entire mirror back on…You must remove the little mounting pad from the mirror and glue THAT back on. Any CYA “super glue” will work. Both the glass and the pad must be cleaned with acetone or MEK first…Hobby shops sell a handy product called “Zip Kicker” which you spray on any CYA glue bond to instantly set it. In the winter, a little heat on the joint helps. Park the car facing south into the sun for a few hours before you hang the mirror to the bracket…

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I’ve never had a problem with mirror mounting except one time and that exception also involved the same product that I’ve always used; Duro.

Maybe it’s possible the product you got was aged and simply no good. In that example I mentioned I took the remainder, mixed it, and allowed the sample to sit overnight. Twenty four or so hours later that stuff was still soft to the touch.

Thanks, everyone! I will look for some special double-backed tape or Duro epoxy.

Perhaps a local auto glass shop would tell you what they use. In fact, maybe they’d do the work for a reasonable price, which might be worth it.

Ever since i got a used car and the rear view mirror has been falling off, especially on a bumpy road. Later, one of my friend recommend two superglue called SUPER GLUE 14101 and Accumetric 49401D. I used the former one to reattach and glass 5 months ago and the glue still works till today. You can get them at Wal-mart or any auto-parts store.

Here is two sites that sells glue kit: (i used it)

Back on my 1970 Beetle the vent handle came off and needed to be put back on. I used the recommended cement, but I did not get it in the exact spot. It was on there so well that when I tried to force it closed it pulled off, taking a chunk of glass with it. That glue was UV cured, which means you need sun light or a UV light source to cure it.

Of course it is extremely important to get the area totally clean with zero residue of the cleaner on the glass.

I wonder if there is a problem if it is attached where there is a tinted area of the glass eliminating UV light?

I bought another kit, this time at Advance Auto, and re-attached the mirror. I followed the instructions to the letter and it has been holding so far. This kit instructed me to glue just the button on and wait before re-attaching the mirror. Maybe that was my problem last time – I glued on the whole mirror assembly. I’ll post here if it falls off again!

Here is the product I bought:|GRP2034____

I used a razor scraper and alcohol to get off all the old glue.

I’ve had good luck with these kits. I did exactly what you did–glued the button to the windshield as directed and waited 24 hours before attaching the rear view mirror assembly. I think you will be fine.

I have had good luck, to the point that when I had to move a latch on my 1970 VW side vent, it broke a chunk of glass out, the connection did not fail.

Remember that these are UV cured. If you have a tinted window, the UV may be limited, or the tint (if it is on the same side as the mirror) may hinder proper connection.

My attempt to use 99 cent super glue on my truck, set w/a clamping force worked for 3 years, but recently failed. So that idea is a no-go. For this next experiment I tried your idea, but using JB Weld instead, with a clamping force. I ran into a bit of a problem getting the button to stay put though, the glue is a bit slippery and the button slides down the window while I’m trying to get the clamp in place. Just curious, since you’ve used epoxy, how do you solve that problem?

Why not just use the stuff that’s designed for the purpose? It’s clear for one thing so it doesn’t look like a hack job if there’s any squeeze out or when viewed from outside… Secondly, it’s designed to do the job under all conditions. About a year ago I had to reglue the mirror in my TB. They’re huge and heavy. Just bought the 3M product at the parts store and followed the directions. It has an activator you apply. Simple piece of tape ready, apply activator then glue to button, hold to window while you tape in place. Wait overnight and that’s it. Then remount mirror. Stuff costs around $5.

I’ve only had to do it once and used the Locktite stuff that worked fine, but yeah, you don’t glue the whole mirror on, but just that little tab first until it sets.

I’ve used that 2-part super-glue product both by 3M and Locktite designed for this purpose 3 or 4 times, but it has always failed within 5 years. Even the original job done at the factory failed at 4 years. At least my own job worked better than that. But I’m experimenting to find a fix that stays fixed. Plus there’s little expense involved, b/c I already own the JB and there’s plenty left, best to use it up before it goes bad. I still have enough to glue up 20 car mirrors I’d guess … lol … There’s not much of an appearance issue with a 45 year old truck, and besides that that button is hidden behind the mirror anyway, and barely visible from outside the front of the truck b/c the hood is so long. I’ll add that the mirror on my Corolla has never fallen off since day 1. Of course it isn’t glued on to the window, it’s bolted to the roof, which is the way mirrors should be attached imho, that glue method has always been a fools errand for me on every vehicle I’ve owned that’s used it. I think your tape idea is a good one, to hold it in place while I get the clamping arrangement set up. why I didn’t think of that, probably the same reason as when I made a ceramic t-pot in junior high arts and crafts class with the top of the spout 1/2 below the rim of the pot. Seemed like a good idea at the time … lol …

Yes, I only glued the little tab. I’m letting the JB Weld set up an entire week under what I estimate as 5-10 pounds of clamping force, and give that a try.

I’ve read about people that used hard epoxies that failed as well. A number had a chunk of glass come along with it! The application specific adhesives just let go of a surface.

I’ve only had to glue two mirrors but not one twice. It would be interesting to understand why yours failed multiple times. Mine sit outside but not quite as scorching here. Does yours always separate from the same side?

No need to clamp jb so tight. The adhesive dries rock hard. It’s either bonded to both surfaces or not. No need to get it paper thin.

It seems to separate a little on both sides. there’s patches of glue left both on the window and on the tab.

If a chunk of glass comes out, that mean the glue isn’t failing. It also seems like that means the method of gluing a mirror to the windshield glass is a suspect mechanical design in the first place.