Rear View Mirror Fell Off!

My rear view mirror fell off on a hot sunny day. I bought the kit to reaffix it to the windshield. I cleaned the spot on the windshield that it had been previously attached to (there is an indention) with alcohol, followed the directions from the glue kit. The metal button i affixed to the glass fell off sometime during the 15 minute waiting period that it was supposed to be setting. Now what? Do I try the same spot? Try a different spot? Help!

You have to use tape to hold the metal up for a while. Yes, you could try it somewhere else. If all fails, people have drilled a hole in the windshield and held the mirror on with a screw. Not good in an accident but desperate times call for goofy ideas. Polish the alcohal residue off before you glue.

Had this problem a few years ago. I bought one of those kits and didn’t have any luck. I called a local auto glass company and they did it for free.

These kits have worked well for me in the past. Be certain to clean the spot on the glass where you are attaching the mirror, and also clean the back of the button. I would hold it against the glass for 15 minutes,and not even think about attaching the mirror to the button for at least 12 hours. You should be able to attach it to the same spot.

Did you have the car outside in the sun when you tried to replace the mirror? Many (all?) OD the glue for that use are UV cured. No sun no cure, mirror falls off.