Rear view mirror

Does anyone have an effective way to re-glue a rear view mirror on to the windshield. I have purchased two repair kits (w/activator and glue). Neither worked. I also tried using brush-0n Super Glue. No luck. What’s the answer?

Any help/suggestions will be most appreciated.

I have had good success using the repair kits designed for glueing the rear view mirror back to the windshield. There are two important steps you must do:
1. Make sure all the surfaces are clean. Use isopropyl alcohol for cleaning the windshield and the button.
2. Separate the mirror from the button. The button is held to the mirror with a small set screw or allen fitting. Attach the button to the windshield and let it set for 24 hours before reattaching the mirror to the button.

If you follow these steps, it should work. If you don’t separate the button from the mirror, you will never get the mirror to stay attached to the windshield

When Triedag says clean, I mean CLEAN.
Remove the OLD GLUE too. I use a razor blade to scrape the old glue off both, the widshield and the block.

If you dont see a set screw, some newer mirror blocks are held with a oneway spring clip in the mirror. A small screw driver of pick inserted in the keyway will release that spring to take out the block.

Exactly what these two said. Do it any other way and it won’t work.

As Triedaq and Ken said, it’s all in the preparation. Besides alcohol, I’ve used lacquer thinner and a razor blade to clean the windshield and the button. Also don’t overdue it with the glue in the kit, too much is as bad as too little. Use a sharpie on the outside of the windshield to outline the area where the button is attached.

Ed B.

Thanks to all who have replied. I have one more question. If I thoroughly clean the windshield, as instructed, do I HAVE to use the glue in the repair kit, or can I use regular Super Glue?

Thanks again for your help.

Use the repair kit. Locktite is a good choice. Super glue won’t hold.

And you really don’t need much more than a drop of the glue. Then press hard to the windshield so that drop of glue covers the whole base, hold for about a minute. Then use electrical tape to hold the base for at least 24 hrs.