Rear wiper, lack of contact with window

I have a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan. The rear window wiper is not making full contact with the window so does not work well. I manually (gently) push the arm to put the wiper against the window and it stays there but when I turn the wiper on, it does not maintain contact and it always ends up about 1/4" away from the window. It’s like a spring in the arm needs replaced or something. The motor and fluid work just fine. Thanks for any help!

Is the wiper blade correctly mounted or did it slip part way out of the mounting point? The car is pretty new for a bad spring but thats possible. Check the arm where it mounts to the car. Make sure that it is fully mounted on the spindle and not falling half way out. There should be a catch at the base of the arm that locks it to the spindle. Release the catch remove the arm all the way and then put it right back on making sure the catch slides in to place correctly.

Good advice given. If none of this works, the arm can be replaced for about $25 (part cost).