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Wiper motor

The rear wiper on my 1994 Dodge Caravan stopped at the straight up-and-down position. The motor continues to run, but the arm doesn’t move. I think the motor is trying to park the arm because it keeps running even with the switch off - the only way to stop it is to pull the fuse. I suspect the motor needs to be replaced, but before I order it I wanted to confirm that this was the likely problem.

Its not the motor itself, its the linkage. It might be broken but it could be as simple as a c-clip that popped off. The problem might be that the motor and linkage is a sealed unit and can’t be fixed.

It sounds to me as if there may be two problems.

If the motor continues to run after turning off the switch, then it is more likely that the switch is faulty.

Additionally, if the wipers don’t move when the wiper motor is running, it is likely that the wiper linkage is broken or disconnected. Even more likely is that the splined shaft that fits into the wiper arm is stripped, or that the base of the wiper arm where the splined shaft fits into the arm is stripped. These are the types of problems that happen when people use their wipers to clear accumulated snow/ice. All snow/ice should be cleared prior to turning on wipers.

Thanks for the responses! I’ll take the inside of the tailgate off and do some detective work.